energy audit

We offer energy audit services for domestic, commercial and industrial premises. In simple terms, an energy audit is a thorough examination of the energy usage in a premises and the scope of the exercise is to identify potential areas (building, processes, operation, etc… ) for energy saving.

Our team of electrical engineers are qualified for conducting an energy audit as per ISO50002 and use a systematic approach to identify potential energy saving opportunities.

It is mandatory for Non-SMEs to comply with the Energy Audit obligations as per LN196:2014. The audit requirements are according to ISO50002.


Our team of electrical engineers can help you identify any power system related problems that can undermine your production and processes. We offer a comprehensive analysis of your installation using state of the art instruments to monitor and record all power quality parameters. Typical parameters that are monitored and recorded are

  • Voltages Dips / Swells
  • Harmonics (Voltage/Current)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Current Transients
  • System Umbalance
  • Power, Energy and Power Factor
  • Flicker
power quality


power quality

We offer our clients a full survey using state of the art equipment that can capture up to the 50th harmonic using IEC 61000-4-30 class A instruments. Moreover, our engineers will provide a detailed report of the analysis carried out and outline recommendations to address any identified problems.


JL & Associates can carry out a power factor analysis to help you reduce your energy bills. Data logging at your main distribution board will be conducted followed by an analysis. A report with the findings and the recomended equipment to correct the power factor will be supplied.

Another service that we provide is a verifiation of the power factor at sites that have power factor correction equipment already installed. From time to time it is important to ensure that the equipment is in a good working order as otherwise it will result in higher energy bills rather than lower.

power factor


energy performance certificate

An energy performance certificate gives property owners, buyers or tenants a snapshot of how energy efficient their property is. The certificate is similar to the ratings given to domestic equipment.

EPCs are compulsary for all dwellings sold or rented and also for dwellings requesting development permits and change of use. We offer EPCs for both dwellings and non-dwellings.


Our team of engineers and technicians can assist you in the design, testing and certification of single and three phase installations as per IET wiring Regulations. Liaison with service providers is also offered to prevent unnecessary delays.

We can also carry out the installation work to ensure that the project is in line with the design and finished within the stipulated timeframes.

electrical installation


infrared thermography

We provide thermal imaging surveys as part of preventive maintenance procedures without interrupting production or an activity in the premises.

Typical applications for infrared thermography is electrical installations to determine any hot spots due to loose connections, overloaded cables and equipment. Moreover, other applications include detection of steam leaks, roof moisture, damaged insulation, overloaded equipment, etc…


JL & Associates provide expertise and advice to its client on renewable energy particularly on Photovoltaic systems. Being it a small scale domestic PV system or a large PV farm, we can help you make the move in the right direction.

renewable energy


industrial automation

Engineers at JL & Associates have a wide experience in industrial automation and offer our clients tailor made industrial automation solutions across all major industries.

We offer remote monitoring of your processes for improved quality control, more flexibility and reduced down time. Remote monitoring of energy usage is an other option we provide.