Harmonics (1)

Harmonic Analysis

In an installation, current and voltage harmonics can be present due to

  • self generated current harmonics and/or
  • conveyed from other installations in the form of voltage harmonics.

The former is due to the presence of non-linear loads at one’s premises whilst the latter is due to non-linear loads at neighbouring premises.

Non-linear loads are present everywhere ranging from offices to large factories. Typical examples of non-linear loads in offices are Notebooks and PCs, UPS, and LED lighting whilst variable speed drives, inverters, welding and air conditioning are examples of non-linear loads in industry.

The consequence of harmonics in an electrical installation can be summarised by the following non-exhaustive list of power quality issues:

  • Overload of equipment such as cables and transformers
  • False tripping of circuit breakers
  • Damage to power factor correction equipment
  • Reduction of motors’ lifetime due torque pulsations
  • Affect Sensitive processes due to measurement errors
  • Light Flicker

We offer our clients a full survey using state of the art equipment that can capture up to the 50th harmonic using IEC 61000-4-30 class A instruments. Moreover, our engineers will provide a detailed report of the analysis carried out and outline recommendations to address any identified problems.

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