Power Quality

Power Quality Audit

A power quality audit is conducted to check the reliability, efficiency, safety and quality of supply of an electrical installation. This study can also be carried out to troubleshoot power problems such as unwanted tripping of motors, light flickering, false tripping of protective circuit breakers, etc…

Power quality surveys can also be performed to demonstrate compliance with standards such as BS EN 50160. This compliance certificate is sometimes requested by insurance companies before offering insurance services to a company.

Our team of electrical engineers can help you with all this by offering a comprehensive analysis of your installation. With access to state of the art instruments we are able to monitor and record all power quality parameters for a number of days as necessary. Typical parameters that are monitored and recorded are

  • Voltages Dips / Swells
  • Harmonics (Voltage/Current) up to the 50th
  • Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Current Transients
  • System Umbalance
  • Power, Energy and Power Factor
  • Flicker

Typically in a power quality audit the main distribution board is monitored first, followed by sub-distribution boards until the problem is identified. A comprehensive analysis of the data will then follow and a report of the findings with mitigation solution is presented to the client.

We provide this service to companies on a regular basis. Our clients range from large manufacturing industries to offices.

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