Power Factor Correction

Power Factor is a ratio of active power (P) to apparent power (S) that gives information of how efficiently and effectively your equipment is using energy. Inductive loads such as motors, heating, arc welding, lighting are the main loads that lower the power factor.

In Malta, the utility company indirectly penalises commercial and industrial premises that have a low power factor. This has a huge implication on the electricity bills particularly if you are a large consumer of energy. Correcting the power factor will help you to

  • reduce your energy bills by making use of the kVAh instead of the kWh tariff (cheaper)
  • reduce your maximum demand charge
  • reduce loading on your cables and equipment hence increasing the load capabilities in exisitng circuits
  • reduce heat losses in your installation
  • improve the voltage

We offer a systematic approach to power factor correction. First our engineers will assess the overall power factor of your installation using data logging equipment. An analysis will follow to determine the energy and cost savings that can be achieved. Next the ideal location of the power factor correction equipment and its size are identified. Finally, a cost benefit analysis will be prepared to derive the payback period and presented to the client for his consideration.

Another service that we provide is verification of the power factor at sites that have power factor correction equipment already installed. From time to time it is important to ensure that the equipment is in a good working order as otherwise it will negatively impact your energy bills.

If you need further information please feel free to contact us.